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Tunnel Rush

Tunnel Rush - the awesome game of dodge! Tunnel Rush is a fast-paced dodge game that is inspired to Run 3 as well as Run3. The game is played in the tunnel of colors in a fast-paced manner and you must stay clear of obstacles of various forms.

You have to be alert and quick to determine the exact location of the approaching obstruction and swiftly move your body to get around it. Keep your eyes on the ball and try to break your record!

What is the best way to play Tunnel rush

Tunnel Rush is a simple game to play. To start the game, you just need to press Space bar. The game begins with a move - there's no object to control. You need to simply control the movements of the screen to move between the various objects.
Utilize both keys on your keyboard to turn around the display clockwise and counter-clockwise and that's all there is to it! . Whatever level you've finished, should you fail then you must begin from scratch!

This amazing game requires excellent reactions and reflexes. You must be quick with your fingers and remain alert throughout the game in order to predict the coming action you'll have to take.

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Release Date
January 2018
Arousing adrenaline and difficult gameplay
Dark tunnel
A number of obstacles will be encountered on the way
You can start the next level with new challenge and area.
Music that is intense
Three difficult choices
Web browser
played on punblockedgames. If you're searching for the earlier game , you can go to Color Tunnel .
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