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The Impossible Quiz

The Impossible Quiz is an online trivia quiz with only extremely difficult questions. A lot of the questions contain multiple meanings, tricks, and puns, and require you to think outside of the box. Of the four possible responses, just one is correct. There are a total of 110 questions. You're only given three minutes but you'll also lose one of them with every error you make. The game is completely free of Flash for any type of device. Did you get each of the 110 challenges? Play The Impossible Quiz 2. How do I take part in The Impossible Quiz? Select the right answer from one of the four choices. Utilize the Skips to skip particular part of the game. Be on the lookout at Bombs that have a timer so that you can answer the question prior to the time is up or Game Over.

What are the best answer to these questions?

Spoiler alert. Here are the answers to the 10 first questions
  1. Four
  2. No, but a tin can
  3. K.O
  5. Move your mouse from the game and around and then return the "Next question"
  6. Shallots
  7. An elephant
  8. Look for the tick with the green color.
  9. The top right corner of the "THAT ONE"
  10. Dentures

Who came up with The Impossible Quiz?


The Impossible Quiz was created by Splapp-me-do. He also wrote his sequel The Impossible Quiz 2 and the Christmas-themed game: The Impossible Quizmas.

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