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Run 3

Run 3 unblocked Games is a whole new galaxy just waiting to be discovered! You can run or jump through the space tunnels using the arrow keys. Rotate the world by using the left and right arrow keys. You can choose between Infinite or Explore Mode to play. Explore Mode allows you to add new levels to your Galaxy Map. You may meet friends and run into new tunnels along the way. Infinite Mode is the best option for an endless run. This mode will have power cells scattered throughout the tunnels. Be careful! Infinite Mode will end if you fall from the tunnel. To continue your run, you can use power cells. You can see where it all started in the first game of the Run Series - now in 3D!


You can unlock 9 characters as you progress through the levels. You can unlock new characters as soon as you have enough power cells. Each alien comes with their own skills to help you navigate the galaxy. You can swap your character for one if you get stuck in a tunnel. The Skater, for example, will do better on snow levels. Control your jumps. You can jump higher and longer if you hold the up arrow key down. Tap the up arrow key to jump small distances on platforms. This can be a great way to avoid accidentally landing.

Run 3 Punblocked Games

Look ahead. Keep your eyes on the platforms in front of you. To plan your next jumps, take note of every side of the tunnel. This will help you decide which tunnel to turn so your character has enough space to run.   Practice indefinitely. Infinite Mode can be used to collect power cells that unlock characters. However, it can also be used for practice. Try running through the endless tunnels if you are stuck on a level of the galaxy map. You'll quickly get used to the tunnels and how they differ from one another.

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