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G-Switch 3

G-Switch 3 is an action-packed game that defies gravity and the third game in the G-Switch series by Serius Games. The game lets you play with up 7 players in Multiplayer mode or play on your own with Campaign or Endless modes. Switch between floors, walls and ceilings as you try to beat a maze of dangerous traps! Try G-Switch 3 for free to discover if you've got the skills needed. Do not just sit there and watch and watch the game go by - try taking on your G-Switch 3 online challenge and learn to master the game!


Left mouse button or any keys on the keyboard - switch

Tips and techniques:

  • It is possible to play online games against real humans or AIs.
  • Make sure to change your position just prior to an obstacle, not the moment you come across it.
  • You can play with the keyboard or mouse to play. Find out what you like best!

The creator of HTML0:

G-Switch 3 is created by Serius Games working in Portugal. They also are the developers of G-Switch 2 and Run 3

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