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Bubble Shooter

Bubble Shooter is an arcade game in which you pop vibrant bubbles. You can make combos of at least three that are the same hue by throwing the same bubble at them. The more bubbles that you shoot down within a single shot, the higher points you earn. Playing field can move down one row if do not collect a combo. The goal for the player is to get as many points points as possible while clearing all bubbles! Use a variety of power-ups , such as bombs and aim assister! What's the longest combo you've had in Bubble Shooter?

How do I participate in?

Utilize using the mouse's left button and the finger with your fingers to release the bubble. Try to shoot a similar bubble to eliminate the field quicker!

Who is the creator of?

Bubble Shooter is created by LAK Games. Play the other cards and arcade-style games Poki: Like a King, Panda: Bubble Shooter

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